Our most common questions 

We simply empower you to change your life ......

Is the wellness evaluation really free ?

Yes it is free and comes with no obligation.

Your only commitment is to complete the free wellness evaluation before we book our 30 minutes call together.

We then have the opportunity to discuss and personalise solutions that may help you perform at your best. 

You have no obligation or commitment to complete after the call. 

Do you make your own nutrition support products?

No, We dont have those skills, resources or knowledge.

We have researched for many years the best nutrional support for clients to combine into their busy lifestyles when needed.

We work with a major global nutrtion company Herbalife Nutrition who comply with FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association)  The products and company are  time tested company with over 35 years of experience, that produces consistant results for most people. 

You can view the products we recommend  CLICK HERE  (NB to access pricing you will need to create an account)

How do I start my Herbalife Nutrition Business

We encourage you to start with a $84 membership & to start on our ultimate program to experience the products and what they do for you. 

While your experiencing the products we start to train you in what we do in our business

We have an online training and business building system and we also have an offline proven training system to plug into as well


You'll need this information to get your VIP membership 

Sponsor last name CONLAN 

Sponsor ID 05538324C

Sponsor Phone 0409261791

How much is it to have Scott as a guest speaker?

There is no actual charge for Scott to talk to your group. 
Scott speaks to groups as little as 10 people or up to 200 people - such as  parents or special needs groups, small business operators, corporate staff groups or sports teams or any group that wants to find solutions to their problems.
Scott speaks about health, the reality of life's needs and the ability to perform as busy parent, corporate staff / business owners or sports people. He will explain the refinment of philosophy that pushed Scott & Bern to be top 3% earners 
Any associated costs like flights, accommodation and meals are an expense you need to cover and should be negotiated with Scott.