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Migraines - That Make You Vomit

14 Apr, 2017 0 Comment(s)
Each week a new challenge and a new set of solutions come through my Lifestyle Centre.This week it’s been migraines - that make you throw up.
Since I tend to work holistically, I notice a lot of the causes of the problem, such as posture, stress, dehydration, poor muscle tone.
Bringing these to the client’s attention is the beginning of them changing their behaviors or patterns.
In these particular clients this week, all being female, suffering migraines that causes them to vomit.
Solutions are quite simple.
Bowen Therapy moves aimed at the stomach generally prevent the vomiting and migraine.
The physical root cause often associated is the atlas and axis vertebrae at the bottom of the head need re-aligning.
I love Bowen because that moves is so simple and non intrusive, yet so powerful for this problem. 
Posture wise, they all show a leaning forward of the head and very stressed, over using the levatae scapula muscle to shrug the shoulders. Simple stretches for that help so much - ironically, most are too busy to do their stretches.
Lastly, normally they show signs of dehydration, low energy and poor muscle tone. Nutritional support always creates a faster healing process but more importantly a longer time between needing to visit for more therapy.
The Stomach requires Aloe Concentrate and Probiotic, the Fuels source for energy is always balanced nutrition of Formula 1 and Formula 2 MVC as the base elements and Formula 3 Personalised Protein to increase muscle strength/tone.
Hydrate to increase blood hydration creating a better exchange of nutrition and cell reactions and presto our ladies are back in business.
Scott @ Life Style Partners has 17 years experience in the health industry.
Starting as fitness consultant and sportsman. Today he specialises in Holistic Health incorporating specialised Bowen therapy, Nutritional Support and Wellness Evaluations & teaching others to be Wellness Coaches.His clientelle ranges from babies to elderly, mums at home to busy corporate workers and sports people.
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