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How to lose 7kg in 25 days - True story

Scott @ LSP is a Health Consultant specialising in Bowen Therapy and Nutritional Support. 05 Jan, 2016 0 Comment(s)
Ever think to start your weight loss journey in-between Christmas and new year EVER. 
I don’t think thats on too many peoples to do list. 
I mean the definite to do list, not the “1 day wonder” list of the New Years resolutions.So what defines the real to do list from the whim of many failed New Years resolutions.Timing is the one key to success no one can sell to you. No amount of inspiration from another person, superior nutrition, exercise or special knowledge makes this part of the process work.
In this case, a chance to be a volunteer at a major sports event. 
  • Not to compete. 
  • Not to inspire the team or to do a role to keep the athletes physically or mentally in the game. 
  • No its a social role, directing spectators or competitors to there correct areas. 
  • To get the volunteer position, this client needed to lose about 15kg for the role in a 3 month period. 
  • 25 days into the journey the weight loss is about 7kg and the energy is through the roof.  
What's amazing is this particular client started about 7 years ago on the weight loss journey, and even though her energy went through the roof plus feeling better than ever from the improved balanced nutrition, It wasn’t the correct timing.She chose to use the balanced nutrition for improved energy & work performance for 7 years, instead of Weight management. That extra energy helped to successfully face a host of stressful challenges where others may have become unwell in the process. Not everybody loses 7kg in 25 days, and in this case the starting weight is 118Kg, so there was weight to lose. I’ll put in the disclaimers too for those who feel thats too fast or to amazing to be true. But more importantly share these 5 points that improve the success potential of a weight loss journey.
A definite GOAL that you ardently desire is KEY to achieve the goals you want with weight management. And it doesn’t have top be an event, but an event has a time limit so that really helps people commit. It could be a pair of jeans you used to fit into, a picture from your wedding or graduation, a perfect size for your particular dress sense. When we use The Herbalife Nutrition Ultimate Program we generally see up to 5kg per month weight loss on average. So when you see someone lose 7 kg they needed too, in this case the client is 118Kg. Next month, the weight loss might be 5kg and the next month be 3 kg. In total thats 15kg of loss = an average of 5kg per month over the 3 month period. 
Weight loss is achievable even through starvation. Although, these days I don’t see that really happening so easily. This possibly due to the poor quality of food sources now available on a daily bases. In other words your already nutritional value wise starving yourself to death, so cutting back isn’t that much of a shock for many bodies any more. Thats just an observation. In the past at our Weight Loss Challenges often someone would win just walking away from the hotbox fast foods, but now its a real struggle for many possibly for the reason I listed above.Feeding the cells fhigh quality balanced nutrition as found in the ultimate program for the same amount time  as it takes to lose the weight is as equally, if not more important for sustaining long term weight management AKA stop putting the weight back on.Adjusting poor eating habits of nutritional devoid food choices through our education arm is a major contributor to long term success. The 5 key elements of success listed above, ALL build off number 1. Goal & TIMING - That definite goal that you are so emotionally attached to the outcome, that you can commit to it til completion by a certain date. Would your goal be compelling enough to start you at this crazy time of year or even today.
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