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How Can You Stop Being Depressed and Gaining Weight?

24 Mar, 2017 0 Comment(s)
Are you struggling with and weight gain & depression all at the same time? Can’t figure out how to effectively tackle either of them?
Depression & obesity are actually intertwined with each other in some ways? Although it can be the other way around for some people (weight loss due to depression) as well, the chances of gaining weight due to the “blues” are about 58%, according to a study conducted in Netherlands.
So how can you manage your weight in a healthy way?
Due to obesity and depression being closely associated with one another, it is vital to tackle both of them for managing your weight effectively and achieving long lasting results. Given below are certain useful strategies that you can try:
Ask a health consultant
One of the best and most important ways to counter weight gain from depression is finding a  health consultant  with a proven track record with weight control for themselves as well as their clients. When your health consultant can show you their weight management through healthy living, then you should consult your problems with him/her. 
Reduce the intake of unhealthy foods slowly 
Your depression is doing its part in making you feel overwhelmed all the time, so make things easy for yourself by keeping your weight-management goals small initially. An example, slowly start to cut down on consumption of fried foods in the first week - plenty of people have lost weight just walking away from the hotbox. The next step could be  reducing sugary drinks.
Replace bad choices with better choices 
Taking away  bad foods choices is a great start, but even if it reduces weight loss as it often does, it may not produce the energy needed to counteract the depression. Nutritional support  to supplement your improved eating patterns is essential. 
Comprehend the relation between food and your symptoms
How exactly do you feel about your excess weight? And how often do you use food for coping with depression? Examine these things in detail and try to subtly introduce changes in the way that you consume food. 
Some people use scrumptious delicacies to produce the high feelings of a good time when stress and anxiety become oppressive. In a perfect world people suggest you need eat right, like Paleo eating or similar, for you  to get the right nutrition to cope better. 
Stop the catch 22 and leave the weight loss matrix
The catch 22 is being too tired & stressed to learn a new eating pattern. Avoid falling back into your old eating ways, by using nutritional support to experience energy improvement as the first point of call, so that over time you can slowly adjust into better eating habits. 
You could partake in  Weight Loss Challenge   or even online 5 day kickstart challenge, because both have a support group attached to them. So many reports suggest that group involvement improves weight management results and depression is always improved with socialisation. Furthermore these challenges incorporate nutritional support and re education of eating patterns. 
Be Holistic 
The best solution to weight management and depression would be the holistic incorporation of all the area’s covered. Depending on the severity of each individual case, incorporating these changes may change your current direction towards a healthy active lifestyle and possibly out of depression.
Scott @ Life Style Partners is 17 years in the health industry Starting as fitness consultant and sportsman. Today he specialises in Holistic Health incorporating specialised Bowen therapy, nutritional support and wellness coaching. His clientelle ranges from babies to elderly, mums at home to busy corporate workers and sports people.
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