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Are you living out someone else's plan for you

Scott @ LSP 05 Apr, 2018 1 Comment(s)

Recently I was fortunate to be involved with the education of about 2000 future industry leaders within the Health and Wellness Industry.

I shared the stage with other industry leaders who have built their wellness business “differently” to how Bern and I have ours. One of the most exciting parts about this was the fact that at no stage did I have to change our philosophy to train after these other successful speakers. If you refer back to my video the 5 keys to my best health, philosophy sits as one of the 5 key factors to obtaining health and prosperity. Both factors seem to be inherently linked - take special note of that point.I know many clients whom I treat are actually stressed because they have to work under a boss with a different philosophy to theirs. This creates a health reducing pattern in the body and some times mental distress.
For most, unfortunately they will remain all their life a prisoner to someone else’s philosophy or in plain terms, someone else’s plan for them. This may be due to their mortgage or cost of living, their boss, their fear of looking at a better opportunity, in case they risk too much.
The solutions starts firstly with increasing base line energy, and general wellness.
Using Aloe Concentrate & Probiotic to stimulate the digestion, as it comprises under stress.
Use of a Healthy Breakfast Pack for wellbeing and energy plus hydrate to stimulate hydration in blood and better transfer of nutrition and waste.
This process allows the mind to start to think clearly again. Once energy returns a change in philosophy can start to take place.
Several steps can be taken to change philosophy for success.
Seek out someone successful and willing to share.
Listen to a personal development coach “from a distance”. In other words; try listening to some youtube of people like Jim Rohn, before purchasing materials from their website.
Apply some of the advice and allow time for the flow on affect to happen. To quote Jim Rohn, your life isn’t a speedboat, its more like the Queen Mary cruise liner.You can’t turn that around on a dime but you can change its course and slowly turn it around.
Scott @ lifestylepartners has 17 years experience in the health industry.
Starting as Fitness Consultant and Sportsman. Today he specialises in Holistic Health incorporating specialised Bowen therapy, Nutritional Support and Wellness Evaluations & teaching others to be Wellness Coaches. His clientelle ranges from babies to elderly, Parents at home to Busy Corporate workers and Sports People.
  • Sofia

    Yes, I have seen your video about "5 keys to my best health" and have been following it for 1month now. I feel the tips are helping me to improve the health.

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