I've been incredibly fortunate to have travelled the world, see many cultures and experience how the other half lives and in the process I change my whole life from one direction to another. The incredible freedom it gave me, allowed me to move past self-limiting mind barriers & achieve personal & financial victory. Most important to me - it set me on a path to give others the opportinuty to change their lives too.

I started in the fitness industry specialising in sports performance and weight loss, I later progressed into Natural Therapies specialising in Bowen Therapy.

Although I was very good at my craft, I often felt dissatisfied because the people were getting better by my efforts and not by them taking responsibility for their future. My wife as a registered nurse, felt the same in her profession too.

It was only when we joined Herbalife Nutrition that I could realise my potential of empowering people to take responsibility to change their lives, just as my life had been changed.

Herbalife offered a vehicle to balanced health, personal development, unlimited income potential but mostly the opportunity to train others to believe they could change their life too. 

Today we are top 3% earners, my wife no longer needs to work however I still practice my bowen therapy part time. Our passion is to change people's health through nutritional support, and teach people how to use MLM marketing from Herbalife to reach towards the point of financial & personal sovereignty.  

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